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In the Main Photo Gallery you will  find links to other  parts of the gallery featuring: family, vacation, friend and holiday photos.
Tara's Main Page is the domain of all my personal nuttiness. You might discover some of my ideas, feelings and other oddities.
Actually this is my page for Wolfgang. He has his own website that he created with proper HTML, hopefully he will link to it or else add his own stuff using a "horrid drag and drop editor" like I do.
Heres what the kids are  studying in school. Also report card grades will be posted here when they come in.
Cats, fish and a guinea pig oh my!
We have a turtle, a puppy  and a snake too.

David is a real go-getter type A personality. He is always working on ways to improve life for his family. Here are some of the fruits of his efforts.
Awww come on write me.
God knows I send all of you enough mail!
This  is all things Nicole. She had a lot of imput as to the page designs and content.  Nicole is both creative and fiesty!
Welcome to Mystic Tara, my personal spot on the web.
This is a work in progress so expect this site to grow and change often,
In the meantime feel free to  explore  what I have for starters.